Feel like your apppointments double as therapy sessions?

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"After only two days I have used the skills I learnt multiple times."

Best practice skills

Our training is built on the foundation of 20 years combined experience and a strong academic evidence base.

  • Basic skills used by counsellors
  • Skills to care for yourself and your colleagues
  • How to talk about difficult topics
  • Access to a professional community of support

"It was one of the best things I've ever done!"

Strengthen client connections

Build trust faster and create more loyal customers. Know how to make your clients feel comfortable and cared for, every time.

Feel confident in every conversation

Feel like your appointments double as therapy sessions? Learn safe skills to navigate tricky situations.

Know what your clients want

Even if they can’t tell you directly. Better understand each client so you can get the perfect result.

"Probably the most valuable thing I've done with a weekend in the past five years."

Become an EmpathyGuide

Meaningful connections build trust — the heart of return business for hair & beauty professionals. Be as intentional with your care as you are with your products.

Online Workshop

2 hours of content. Immediate access.


  • EmpathyGuides model of connection
  • 3 essential tools for radically genuine client relationships
  • Know how deep to go with each client 
  • Lifetime access to our online community
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